Past Teaching Experience:
  • International Trade - John Hopkins University, Bologna (Spring 2015)

I was Professor Michael G Plummer’s Teaching Assistant for his course on International Trade at SAIS (John Hopkins University, Bologna) during the Spring Term of 2015. The course was a compulsory subject for the SAIS Master students with over 80 students participating.

The subject covered a wide range of international trade concepts. It studied theoretical models of trade, from the Ricardian Model to the Heckscher-Ohlin Model. And also practical applications of the theory taught, looking at modern day trade treaties.

My responsibilities lied in providing a support class which focused on a more detailed look of the theoretical and mathematical aspects of the models, as well as the mathematical methods used to solve the various problem sets. I also graded the midterm and final exams, and offered office hours so students could have a more personal attention.

Teaching Interests
  • International Trade, Macroeconomics, Labour Economics and Computational Economics.