I am a Spanish PhD Candidate from the European University Institute. I have lived in many different countries and would like to live in more. But I have grown up in the UK and Spain. I am interested in all that surrounds me, ranging from science to current affairs. I have past working experience in finance, but discovered the joys of research during my masters, which made me decide to change my path towards researching economics. It allows me to look at all aspects of life, from education to political economy, in a rational and structured framework. I especially enjoy programming and take pride in it, from learning many languages (ranging from Julia and Matlab to VBA) to Parallel Computing (and would love to be able to do things with machine learning in the future).

Beyond that, I like sailing and skiing. In my stay at the EUI me and my colleges in the economics department have won three times the Coppa Pavone! More thanks to their football than mine.

EUI, Coppa Pavone, Pablo Forero

I like Parallax